These are the ten most "How To..." questions asked around the world, according to Google 5 years ago

These are the ten most "How To..." questions asked around the world, according to Google

Don't know how to do something? Google it!

It has become so synonymous with our every day lives that we don't even give it a second thought, and we don't pause to realise just how thankful we should be that it is here, helping us win arguments and stopping us from going crazy because we can't remember the name of that film with that guy from that other film in it... you know the one!


Well, after years and years and years of Google-ing stuff, Google themselves have compiled the list of the ten most Googled things from around the world.

Let us go through them now, starting with the most Google'd of them all:

1. How to tie a tie

Totally, completely understandable. We imagine just as many people Google this as they go straight to YouTube and watch someone do it on a video. Tying a tie is a basic stepping stone in life, which is why it is hilarious that so many of us can't do it. Thank God for clip-ons.


2. How to kiss

Awh, that's cute. Up to a point. We imagine some dorky early teenager looking this up when they're about to step out on their first proper date with their first potential girl/boyfriend.

However, after a certain age, looking this up very quickly becomes worrisome, if not downright creepy.

3. How to get pregnant


See also: PornHub. Up to a point, anyways.

4. How to lose weight

This is such a searched for issue that it actually kind winds up on the list twice (more on that in a bit), which just goes to show how prevalent it is.

Not that it matters to us, though. We think you look great just the way you are.


5. How to draw

..... A picture? ..... A gun in an old-west type stand-off? ..... Some water for a bath? ..... Money from the bank? ..... The gunfire of an enemy so your team-mates can flank them? ..... A blank?

We need more direction.

6. How to make money

See also: PornHub. Up to a different point.


7. How to make pancakes

Of all of the different types of difficult and delicious foods to make in the world, this is the most searched for. And you know what? We totally understand. Pancakes are the only food in the world that feels almost sentient, that feels like there is a random roll of the dice that you will create the single most perfect pancake to have ever existed (which will coincide with the time your phone battery died, so no Instagram proof for you!), or some kind of burnt-yet-somehow-still-uncooked wrinkled, unrecognisable blob on the pan.

8. How to write a cover letter

We don't have anything funny to say about this one, because it is a valid search. Although have you ever heard anyone, anywhere, EVER say the following: "You got the job because of your cover letter"? No. Us neither.

9. How to make French toast

Clip via @_iamBiggs

10. How to lose belly fat

Can we give some advice? Stop looking up how to make pancakes and french toast. That'll be a good first step in the right direction.