The 20 cheapest places in the world to buy a pint have been revealed 5 years ago

The 20 cheapest places in the world to buy a pint have been revealed

Fancy visiting any of these?

It's very likely that any Irish supporters that traveled to France to support the boys in green are still refusing to look at their bank balance. If you happened to be in Paris, Bordeaux and Lille then you'll know that pints weren't cheap, prices ranged from €5 to 12 depending on where you were.


The next European Championships in 2020 will be spread across 13 different countries, Ireland being one of them, but it's a crying shame that Bratislava isn't going to be one of the host cities because the capital of Slovakia has just been named as the cheapest place in the world to buy a pint, according to GoEuro's annual Beer Price Index.

Irish fans should be happy to see Belgrade on the list, that's where our bid to reach World Cup 2018 starts on September 5th.

Here's the list of the 20 cheapest cities in the world to buy a pint.

20. Manila, Philippines, €2.39
19. Sofia, Bulgaria, €2.32
18. Dubrovnik, Croatia, €2.31
17. Lisbon, Portugal, €2.30
16. Bogota, Colombia, €2.26
15. Munich, Germany, €2.18
14. Seville, Spain, €2.16
13. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, €2.14
12. Bucharest, Romania, €2.13
11. Bangkok, Thailand, €2.09
10. Budapest, Hungary, €2.06
9. Ljubljana, Slovenia, £€2.05
8. Warsaw, Poland, €2.04
7. Belgrade, Serbia, €1.83
6. Cairo, Egypt, €1.99
5. Mexico City, Mexico, €1.77
4. Krakow, Poland, €1.56
3. Cape Town, South Africa, €1.56
2. Kiev, Ukraine, €1.39
1. Bratislava, Slovakia, €1.37