The average amount of money Irish couples spend on their weddings has been revealed 4 years ago

The average amount of money Irish couples spend on their weddings has been revealed

If you're planning on getting married anytime soon, get saving.

As if proof was required that weddings in Ireland are an expensive business, it’s been revealed that €26,015 is the average amount that Irish couples spend on their big day.


That figure is a 7% increase on last year’s figure of €24,427, which in turn was an 8% increase on the average amount spent on weddings from the year previous, illustrating the fact that it ain’t cheap if you’re going to tie the knot in Ireland.

The eye-opening numbers come from an annual survey by weddingsonline, the country’s most popular wedding website, with 1,200 participants contributing to a survey that took place this month.

The overall figure of €26,015 includes the cost of the honeymoon (thankfully), with the survey revealing that over 60% of couples struggled to stay within budget and that 13% of couples spend over €5,000 more than they had planned to.

18% of couples look to take out a loan to help fund their big day and 22% of couples get help from their parents.


You can see some of the main findings from the survey below; you can see the results on weddingsonline in full here.

  • The average budget for a wedding including honeymoon is €26,015, up 7% on last year.
  • Friday and Saturday are still the most popular days for weddings, with Saturday being the top choice (42.41%).
  • Over half of weddings take place during the summer months, with August being the most popular month, followed by July, June and September.
  • Engagements are spread quite evenly throughout the year with a peak in December (24%).
  • On average couples invite 159 guests to their Big Day.
  • 62% of couples use their savings to fund their wedding, 22% get help from their parents and 18% take out a loan to help cover costs.
  • Almost 60% of couples surveyed went over budget, with 13% spending over €5,000 more than they had intended to.
  • The average age for brides tying the knot is 31 years of age, while the groom’s average age is 33 years of age.
  • On average, brides choose three bridesmaids and grooms opt for three groomsmen.
  • 39% of couples surveyed have their speeches before the meal, 31% opt to have their speeches after the meal and 25% have them between courses. 5% opt to have no speeches at all.
  • More and more brides are opting to say a few words with 31% giving a speech.
  • 9 out of 10 couples honeymoon abroad with 59% waiting a few months after the wedding before they head off on their honeymoon.
  • Almost half of couples enjoy a mini-moon in Ireland directly after their wedding.
  • The average cost of a honeymoon is €5,261.
  • The most popular honeymoon destinations are The Maldives, the USA, Italy, Mexico and Spain.
  • 63% of the couples surveyed paid for accommodation for parents, 41.49% paid for accommodation for the bridal party and 21.74% didn’t pay for anyone.

The average spend on each category, meanwhile, was as follows:

  • Venue: €12,413
  • Weddings Rings: €1,292
  • Engagement Ring: €1,849
  • Wedding Band: €2,019
  • DJ: €434
  • Photographer: €1,597
  • Videographer: €1,283
  • Wedding Dress: €1,787
  • Ceremony Music: €440
  • Evening Entertainment (Non Musical – Magician, dancers, comedian etc.): €570
  • Honeymoon: €5,261
  • Celebrant: €347
  • Make-up Total (inc. Bridesmaids): €368*
  • Hair Total (inc. Bridesmaids): €313*
  • Wedding Planner: €1,523
  • Bridesmaid Dresses: €726*
  • Accessories: €504
  • Wedding Suits: €1,068**
  • Wedding Car: €457
  • Wedding Cake: €378
  • Décor: €677
  • Flowers: €674
  • Invitations: €369
  • Ceremony Booklets: €257
  • Foodie Treats: €358
  • Hen/Stag per person: €253

*average of 3 bridesmaids

**4-5 suits bought on average