The ‘most missed’ foods by Irish emigrants have been revealed 5 years ago

The ‘most missed’ foods by Irish emigrants have been revealed

Home comforts.

There are times when I really envy some of my friends that are living/travelling abroad in places like Australia, Canada, the US and others.


To be fair, they get all the nice weather and it seems like they're having the time of their lives. Jammy feckers.

This being said, there are some foods that Irish emigrants might be prepared to swim home for and the third annual ‘Diaspora Decides’ study by Checkout Magazine have revealed what they are.

Unsurprisingly, 42% of the 546 people surveyed said that a packet of Tayto's is the food that they miss most about Ireland.


It seems that we're an incredibly predictable nation because you'll be able to easily guess some of other items on the list.

Cadbury chocolate was missed by 18% of the people, Kerrygold butter is beloved by 17% but the big issue relates to matters of tea.



Barry’s Tea is yearned for by 40% of respondents while similar number of Irish emigrants are crying into their tea cups because they cant get any Lyons Tea.

They survey also asked what foods were of a higher quality in Ireland, and which items were of superior quality abroad.


You won't be surprised to hear that Irish Stout scores highest, 66% of respondents saying that it tastes better in the 32 counties while rashers (65%), meat (62%), sausages (61%), butter (61%) and milk (58%).