The Rolling Donut has announced a massive new location in Dublin 4 years ago

The Rolling Donut has announced a massive new location in Dublin

We're going to be visiting this ASAP.

The Rolling Donut has opened a brand new location in Dublin - and it sounds absolutely amazing


The luxury donut brand, who have been delighting Dubliners for over 40 years, have opened their biggest store yet in Arnotts. 

The brand is also introducing a new range of decadent dessert options, that are exclusive to the department store. 

The ice cream sandwich

For the first time, customers can enjoy new mouth-watering treats such as Red Velvet Donut Waffles, Donut Ice-cream Sandwiches, filled Hot Donut Balls and Chocolate Fondue sharing platters.

Oh, and it gets even better. Customers will also be able to add their own gourmet toppings and signature glazes to add a personal touch to their dessert.

Red Velvet Donut Waffles

The new Arnotts donut and coffee bar will be The Rolling Donut’s seventh store location and will still offer the brand’s much-loved customer favourites, such as the Kinder Beuno, Nutella Hazelnut and Red Velvet sourdough donuts, alongside the new offerings being introduced today.

Speaking about the new launch, The Rolling Donut owner, Lisa Quinlan, said:

“I am so excited to be announcing the opening of our new donut dessert bar concept exclusive to Arnotts.

"It’s incredible to team up with such a well-known, iconic Dublin brand. The space is bright and airy which is ideal for trying out all our new creations.


"We’ve been very busy working on perfecting our menu & layout of the space which we hope our customers will love. We’ve made sure to keep our plant-based customers happy by providing vegan options for every menu item.

We have been months in the kitchen developing and perfecting these new menu offerings, currently exclusive to Arnotts. Our team sat down and asked 'what is the most mouth-watering, luxurious dessert you can possibly think of?' And that is how beautiful creations, such as our new Donut Ice-cream sandwiches and hot donut balls were born.”

Chocolate Fondue

Located at the Abbey Street entrance of Arnotts, the new space comfortably seats 24 customers inside and a further 11 outside.


The Rolling Donut brand was first set up in 1978 by Lisa’s father, Michael Quinlan, who went on to establish the iconic Dublin donut kiosk on O’Connell Street in 1988.

Lisa added:

“Having grown up working at my Dad’s donut kiosk right across the road from Arnotts, it is a surreal moment to open our new store here today.

"Arnotts is a Dublin institution, and I know almost all Dubliners instantly recognise the delicious smell of my Dad’s kiosk on O’Connell Street, so the marriage of these two long-standing Dublin retailers makes so much sense to me.”

To celebrate the launch, The Rolling Donut are offering their first 30 customers a free dessert in the new Arnotts store tomorrow, Friday 13 September.