The safety app that could save motorists up to 30pc on their insurance 8 years ago

The safety app that could save motorists up to 30pc on their insurance

The good news for all careful drivers out there is that you can make considerable savings on your car insurance thanks to a new app on the market.

TopDriver app, as the name suggests, rewards careful driving by offering lower premiums and is available to all drivers from No-Nonsense Insurance.


According to today’s Irish Independent, it is quite simple. You switch on the app before each journey and journey advice is offered at the end depending on how the driver performed, taking into consideration such things as speed take-off from traffic lights, braking, cornering and speed and what time of the day the car is driven.

The set criteria is measured against actual performance and the good news is that it can seriously impact the premium you pay. Drivers can initially save up to 15 per cent when they buy insurance, plus the same again by installing a plug-in device in the car to complement the mobile phone app. And the app is free to download.

No-Nonsense director Jackie McMahon said she expects one in three drivers who use the new app to get cheaper motor insurance from the move and it will is expected to be widely received by the motoring community, especially among female drivers who have seen their premiums surge by up to €300 a year after new EU rules brought in last December.