The West is hiring! Now might be the perfect time to move home to the West of Ireland 8 months ago

The West is hiring! Now might be the perfect time to move home to the West of Ireland

Brought to you by Western Development Commission

There’s no place like home and no time like the present!


Whether you’re living overseas or in another part of the country, building a life away from home is never easy.

If you grew up in the West of Ireland and have been toying with the idea of heading home, the folks at the Western Development Commission might just have the perfect reason for you to take the plunge.

They've just launched a new campaign to allow those considering a relocation to explore their options and see what employment opportunities are on the horizon in the West of Ireland.


Hosting a free online event - There’s No Place Like Home - on Friday 10 December, they'll showcase the opportunities, challenges and resources available to those hoping to relocate.

And you can register today by clicking HERE.

Covering employment prospects across a plethora of sectors, as well as the supports available once you move home, the event promises to show you that you can enjoy a challenging career without compromising your quality of life.

Whether it’s remote working for some of the biggest indigenous and global companies in Ireland or getting acquainted with a West of Ireland office environment, you could find your dream job in just a couple of clicks on Western Jobs.


Connecting employers and agencies to those looking for work, you can create a profile and stay up to date on all the opportunities that suit your skillset.

If you’re making the long-awaited journey back to see your family and friends this Christmas, you might be interested in scoping out your options.

Leaving is never easy, but it feels so good being home.


Pinpointing employment opportunities across various sectors from Donegal to Kerry, as well as the key challenges, opportunities and supports available click right HERE to register for the There’s No Place Like Home event.

Brought to you by Western Development Commission