Somebody thinks they've created the ultimate Irish hot chicken fillet roll 10 months ago

Somebody thinks they've created the ultimate Irish hot chicken fillet roll

There's a petition to create a National Hot Chicken Roll Day and it needs to happen.

Hungry? Grab a hot chicken roll. Hungover? You need a hot chicken roll. Having an existential crisis where you're consumed with figuring out your overall place in the universe and wondering if there is a God? Yep, go and eat a hot chicken roll.

While foodies might argue the merits of wheat bread with a hint of avocado, lemony baby arugula, crisp red onion, fragrant fresh basil and smoked salmon from the Appalachian Mountains, they need a big dose of cop the hell on.

Chicken fillet roll, be grand.

On this note, Deliveroo are petitioning to have a National Hot Chicken Roll Day to celebrate the holiest of holy snacks.

"The hot chicken roll is a notable Irish dish. Whether you’re feeling a bit unwell the morning after the night before or you just want a good feed, the hot chicken roll is a good old reliable meal. We at Deliveroo think it’s time that the hot chicken roll received the national recognition it deserves,” they state.

In fact, some restaurants have already supported this initiative and have provided their own take on the beloved classic and to be honest, we're drooling at the mere mention of some of these...

Farmer Browns - Crispy buttermilk chicken, greens, sweet onion, blue cheese mayo topped with bacon crumbs.

Here's a picture of the creation below but we've got one critical remark.

It does look delicious but isn't this technically a chicken sandwich as it's not a bread roll in the image?

Either way, we'd absolutely horse it down.

Alternatively, Aperitivo have a Vegan Chicken Roll with vegan chicken, melted vegan cheese, roasted peppers, spicy pizza sauce and lettuce.

Granted, it's never going to taste as good but we'd still mill into it.