These are Ireland's most asked about people 6 years ago

These are Ireland's most asked about people

We're a curious bunch.

It's very likely that you'll hear about someone on the radio that you've never heard of before, and the first port of call is usually to Google them.


We recently showed you the most Googled questions in Ireland but it seems that you were also busy Googling people.

People asked about everything from soap stars, to terrorists to viral video stars.

Here is a list of the most popular 'who is...' searches. 

1) Who is Lucy the Australopithecus?
Lucy is the common name for a collection of fossilised bones that made up a female skeleton from Ethiopia who lived 3.2 million years ago.
The sudden spark in searches is probably down to the fact that Lucy had a Google doodle dedicated to her last November.
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2) Who is Lady C?
You can blame 'I'm a Celebrity' for this one, she was a contestant on the jungle show back in November.
So it's no surprise that no one had ever heard of her, considering the show is usually full of questionable 'celebrities'. She is a writer and television personality.
3) Who is 'A' in Pretty Little Liars?
 We won't ruin this one for you.
4) Who is Nick Grimshaw?
There was a lot of confusion about who the new X Factor judge was exactly, which is why it was googled so much. Grimshaw is a radio presenter for BBC Radio 1.
5) Who is ISIS?
It is understandable that people wanted to know more about the terrorist organisation after the tragic terrorist attacks throughout Europe.
 6) Who is the father of Charity Dingle's son in Emmerdale?
 7) Who is Kitty McGeever?
 Kitty was an Emmerdale actress who died in August.
 8) Who is Ronnie Pickering?
We'll let the video explain this one.
 9) Who is Charlie Hebdo?
 After the tragic terrorist attacks in the office of satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, #Jesuischarlie began trending across social media.
 10) Who is the Arkham Knight?
Last summer, video game Batman: Arkham Knight was launched.