This can only end well: Buckfast to be sold in cans on a trial basis this summer 4 years ago

This can only end well: Buckfast to be sold in cans on a trial basis this summer

The world's most favouritest tonic wine will be sold in 25cl cans this summer, and could be rolled out permanently.

Buckfast have announced that they will sell their unique brand of intoxicating liquor in cans on a trial basis this summer, and it's all in aid of the Scottish government's anti-alcohol drive.

The brand of tonic wine were asked to sell their product in smaller measures, with owners J. Chandler and Co saying that 16,000 cans will initially be distributed and if successful they will introduce it permanently.

Whether that will extend to Ireland is not clear for the moment.

"The reason why we wanted to bring out a can is firstly we get asked quite regularly to bring out Buckfast in different shapes and sizes and it’s something we have looked at but never really considered at any great length," a spokesperson revealed to STV News.

"The public health minister for Scotland called on businesses to promote responsible consumption of alcohol and make smaller measures of wine available to consumers in January.

"That’s when we decided we should look at bringing Buckfast out in a smaller unit. Bringing out any new product can be deemed as a risk in terms of, ‘Will it affect business or detract sales from the bottle?’ So, at this stage, we’re just bringing it out as a limited edition.

"But we do believe it will be successful with the summer months coming in. Some of our customers will be going to barbecues and a chilled can of Buckfast would be the ideal product to take along."