Tinder are making a dramatic change to their app 4 years ago

Tinder are making a dramatic change to their app

Inspired by Bumble...

While Tinder was once the go-to dating app for people, its popularity in recent years has taken somewhat of a hit, partly down to the emergence of a new kid in town, Bumble.


It's difficult to believe that Tinder is only five years old. It's hugely popular in Ireland with figures from Ipsos MRBI last year showing that a whopping 200,000 people in Ireland have a Tinder account.

But, 50,000 people are using the app every single day in Ireland, swiping their way through a deluge of potential matches.

Last year they introduced new features such as Super Like and Tinder Gold, which is a paid version of the app. These changes were made to try maintain the popularity of the app in the face of stiffer competition in the dating app industry.

Now they're taking a leaf out of Bumble's book, by introducing a new feature called "Ladies First" which allows women to make the first move on the dating app.


MarketWatch are reporting that women will be able to turn on the feature if they wish, rather than it being the default setting like on Bumble.

TechCrunch have said that, "The new option to let women start conversations is not yet live in Tinder’s app, but will rather be included in a future update. It will also be tested ahead of a public launch – as most of Tinder’s features today are – we hear."