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14th Mar 2018

The top 10 influencers in Ireland have been revealed

Denise Curtin

Familiar with all of these?

Leading global luxury lifestyle and communications network, SERMO, has revealed the top 10 influencers and bloggers in the Irish market alongside two budding “ones to watch” for 2018.

The index and information collection looks at who each influencer actually talks to, where their followers are located and what their interests are.

Tanya Hughes, president of SERMO Communications, said: This is the new gold standard in influencer marketing, just as readership data is crucial for media title selection. Visibility on audience data allows us to have a more accurate view on influencers’ brand fit (and goes beyond vanity metrics such as large follower and engagement numbers).

Analysis of this data, as you’ll see from the report, busts assumption and presents content creation and collaboration opportunities that can make campaigns work harder.”

Here are the top 10 influencers on the Irish market…

Suzanne Jackson

Pippa O’Connor/Ormond

Roz Purcell

Joanne Larby (MakeUp Fairy)

Erika Fox (Retro Flame)


Lauren Arthurs

James Kavanagh

Louise Cooney

Lorna Weightman

And noted as ones to watch or “micro influencers” for 2018 are…

Niamh O’ Sullivan

Jodie Wood

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