Our top 5 tips for proposing on Valentine's Day 10 months ago

Our top 5 tips for proposing on Valentine's Day

Brought to you by Voltaire Diamonds

Know anyone who should be proposing on Valentine's Day?

Last year, we showed you the signs that you should look out for when deciding to pop the question. Now that we've shown you when to know you should do it, it's time to start thinking about how you go about it.

If there is a more romantic day to propose than Valentine's Day, we'd like to hear it. The fact that it amounts to 24 hours dedicated to romance and spending time with your loved one is what makes it the perfect time to propose.

Deciding on doing it is one thing, actually going about planning how to make it extra special is something else entirely. It looks so easy in the movies (more on that below)...

1. Do your homework

We mentioned how easy proposing to someone often looks in the movies. While we don't expect you'll turn into Zac Efron for a day, there's no reason why you shouldn't look to Hollywood for inspiration.

Some classic options would be When Harry Met Sally, The Wedding Singer, and The Proposal (guess what that's about).

We recommend going full Love Actually and learning Portuguese just to ask someone to marry you. It's not much use if they don't speak Portuguese, but it's still very romantic.

Clip via Movieclips

2. Get the right ring

The ring should be the first thing you buy, rather than getting it after deciding on the setup. You want something would be something they will treasure for the rest of their lives, which can seem like a lot of pressure.

If you buy your engagement ring with Voltaire Diamonds, you'll be taking off a lot of that pressure. Not only will they help you make an informed decision with discounts on high street prices, but their flexible exchange policy also makes it easier for your fiance to swap it if they'd prefer something different.

3. Ask for help

There is absolutely no need to think that you have to do everything on your own. As long as you can trust these people not to reveal the secret, an extra pair of hands can make it all a lot easier.

Not only could they help you with any heavy lifting involved, and you can bounce ideas off them.

Time to get the crew together...

4. Put them first

Rather than arrange for a full song and dance only to end up with a slipped disk, keep it simple and keep it personal. If they aren't the kind of person who tends to thrive off being the centre of attention, it's unlikely they'll want it for the day they get engaged.

There is nothing wrong with proposing at home in front of a warm fire. If they are a private person by nature, your proposal should reflect that.

5. Don't make it tacky

The real key is to make sure you don't overthink it all. While you want to make it special, putting too much effort into it can make it seem a bit cringy.

All you have to make sure of is that you have the right ring, and you do something thoughtful. Think of what their interests are, or if they have a favourite restaurant that you very rarely get to go to.

Voltaire Diamonds have everything you need to help plan that perfect surprise proposal. Book your appointment online today or by calling 01-6778449.

Brought to you by Voltaire Diamonds