These travel hacks are definitely worth a try next time you're taking a trip 5 years ago

These travel hacks are definitely worth a try next time you're taking a trip

They could make your life a little easier...

Author Harun Yahya once said: "I always wonder why birds stay in the same place when they can fly anywhere on earth? Then I ask myself the same question."


It's now easier than ever to plant flags all around the world, and broaden your horizons whether it's a nine month trip through South America or a cheeky weekend away in some of the many destinations in Europe.

We guarantee you will have the time of your life on the majority of your adventures, but there's always some stressful things that can get in the way.

Having the right adaptors with you. The costs of the airport. The inevitable tangling of your headphones in your bag. The language barrier (especially if you're rushing to a connecting flight), and a whole host of other things that can go wrong.

Here are some small little travel hacks that many travel savvy veterans may know, but which may come in very handy if you haven't heard of them.


When booking, go incognito

Those dastardly cookies which websites gather on you mean that the price of your flights on a website could go up, just because you've searched for those flights before.

This is to try and entice people to buy tickets for fear the price will rise again. Switch to private session or incognito (depending on your browser) when booking your flights.

Store your cables in glasses case


Put your earphones, your phone charger and whatever else will fit into an old glasses case. Not only will it stop them from becoming tangled with your whole suitcase, it will probably stop you from losing your mind trying to untangle them all the time.

A glasses case is a small price to pay for your sanity. Remember that.

What to do if you forget a travel adaptor to charge your phone

You arrive at your hotel and realise, to your horror, you've forgotten to pack your adaptor that allows you to plug your Irish plug into the wall.


Most chargers nowadays come in two parts, the plug and the USB cable. If you're staying in a modern hotel, you can plug the USB into the back of the television and charge your phone that way.

In the airport, bring a travel mug

This one could save you a bit of cash. You're obviously not allowed to bring liquids through security, but there's nothing against bringing an empty travel mug (pour it out before you go through security).

Then, once you go through security, you can refill it at one of the water stations. If you're moving through airports in various countries (you're probably going to pay $5 in some American airports for a bottle of water), you'll save yourself a bit of cash over time. If you're travelling on a budget, this could be a winner for you.

Scan your passport and email it to yourself


Believe me. This will save you a lot of trouble if the worst comes to pass.