Try these simple but amazing dishes to reinvent your BBQ menu 3 years ago

Try these simple but amazing dishes to reinvent your BBQ menu

Brought to you by Uncle Ben's Rice.

It's time to raise your BBQ game.


We all love a good BBQ but it's easy to get lazy with your menu. Don't get us wrong - there's nothing wrong with sticking some well-grilled meat between two lumps of bread and adding a squirt of sauce.

It's been the basis of Irish BBQs for years but that doesn't mean you can't broaden your horizons. It's nice to mix it up sometimes.

With the following simple but delicious suggestions, it couldn't be easier to impress your family or friends.

1. A steak with a twist

This steak dish is an ideal option for anyone who wants to treat their guests to some succulent, seasoned steak with a serving of fresh salad, wholesome rice and a dash of invention.

2. A perfect side or starter


Sometimes the simple options are the best. This BBQ red pepper with a delicious rice filling is an ideal way to kick off a BBQ or a great side serving for a tasty steak.

3. One for the vegetarians

If you're looking to cater for your vegetarian friends or just want to offer more choice to your guests, this BBQ vegetables, halloumi and rice dish is an inspired option.


4. A classic veggie burger

The veggie burger is a staple addition to any BBQ and this wholegrain rice and quinoa burger is a popular menu option. It might even be (whisper it) tastier than its meaty counterparts.

5. A tasty main or starter


The humble chicken skewer is a BBQ stalwart with good reason. They just work. So you know this timeless classic will go down a treat, especially with some savoury, chicken-flavoured rice.

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reinvent your BBQ menu


Brought to you by Uncle Ben's Rice.