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26th Feb 2020

Next time you’re in UCD, keep an eye out for a flying spice bag

Jamie Concannon

Drone-delivered food will be available from next month, and it’ll get to you in less than three minutes!

The initial high of getting everyone to agree on what takeaway to get is often stifled by the long wait. An hour would probably be quicker than average over a busy weekend, and it is a scientific fact that time goes 4,000 times slower on an empty stomach.

Thanks to the folk over at Manna Aero, that waiting time is about to get a hell of a lot shorter. As company founder and CEO Bobby Healy told us on All In last year, the time has come for the introduction of food deliveries using drones.

While it’s still early days (as in, this is literally the first place on earth to do it), both Camille Thai and Ben & Jerry’s will be available via its introductory stages. (Note: Just putting it out there that this could be a perfect opportunity to set up a wing of the company called Camille Fly.)

Before you start planning a control centre and landing strip in your front garden, it’s worth noting that things won’t be any more complicated on your end. Simply order your chosen dish on Just Eat, and try to get the table set before your piping-hot (or ice-cold if it’s ice cream) food arrives.

Speaking about the new venture, Bobby says:

“I am extremely proud of the team and what we have built. It is a pleasure to work with such high calibre partners on our project next month in Dublin – our commercial pilot in University College Dublin.

It’s clear that Drone delivery provides a faster, cleaner, safer, cheaper and higher quality alternative to road-based delivery. We are excited about how that will improve the world.”

What a time to be alive.

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