VIDEO: An Irish waterfall is being used to solve insomnia around the world 3 years ago

VIDEO: An Irish waterfall is being used to solve insomnia around the world

We've tried this, and it works, we're nodding off at our desk...

Bizarrely enough, following on from the lyrical words waxed upon us from the Huffington Post recently, we now have another reason to be proud of our beautiful country.


A video has emerged online of a wooden footbridge on the River Bonet in County Leitrim, which is being used as a cure for insomnia by millions of sleep deprived people around the world.

Before you ask, it's nothing like this...

Clip via Neorion.


The whopping eight-hour long video has been viewed over ten million times on YouTube and has been said to be so successful at helping people achieve sleep, that they're now using it as part of clinical trials in London hospitals, according to Irish Central.

The creator of the video is Johnnie Lawson, who hails from Leitrim himself said he's rather taken aback by the popularity of the video.

"People who were finding it difficult to sleep began writing to me from all over the world - North Korea, the Central African Republic, Beijing and across the UK.

"They started leaving me messages, saying the recordings were helping to relieve their insomnia," Johnnie said to the BBC.


"I've even had people watching my videos from inside the Vatican," he added with amazement.

It again shows off the beauty of our country and we know for a fact that our own Paddy McKenna is beaming with pride as he plays the video on repeat while singing Amhrán na bhFiann over and over.

Who knew Leitrim could be so successful at putting you to sleep?


Video via johnnielawson.