VIDEO: Here's what the world's smallest nightclub looks like 7 years ago

VIDEO: Here's what the world's smallest nightclub looks like

Slightly smaller than your local club.

If you're a regular visitor to a particular club then you might feel like the nightlife in your county can be a little bit small when compared to some of the larger towns or cities that you've visited.


Before you even step inside your local club, you probably know all of the following; 1), the exact layout, 2) what the DJ is going to play and 3) who you're going to bump into.

Some clubbers might feel like their choice of venue is limited but this feeling is nothing when compared to what 'Teledisko' has to offer.The world’s smallest disco is probably the most exclusive party that you could find because there's only enough room for two people.

The interior actually feels like a proper club though with smoke machines, strobe lighting, a disco ball, dry ice, and a touchscreen that lets you select and play your favorite music.  If you can't get the shift in here then you've got no chance but a word of warning though, don't fart because things could get a little bit awkward!

Take a look.


Clip via - tele disko