Video: Prepare to get nothing done as Football Manager Classic is now available on your tablet 5 years ago

Video: Prepare to get nothing done as Football Manager Classic is now available on your tablet

That's our social life gone.

In the grand pantheon of classic video games, Football Manager ranks as highly as Super Mario World, Goldeneye, Street Fighter II: Turbo and FIFA : Road to World Cup 98 in our view.

We've spent countless hours monitoring our squads performance in training, scouting potential players and dealing with abusive chairmen and we're delighted to say that we're ready for more.

A touch-tailored version of the classic game has been released for mobile devices for the very first time and it's compatible with newer Apple (Air 1 and 2, Mini 2 and 3) and Android tablets.

Jay from The Inbetweeners has already completed it though.

Players can take control of any real-world club (from a selection of 117 leagues from 51 nations) while also boasting an impressive 3D match engine.

That's not all because it also boasts some of the standard games features like the ability to scout more than 150,000 players from a global database, interact with players, customise training routines and provide a layered management experience.

For example, you can be hands on and thorough like Jose Mourinho or designate specific jobs to your Assistant Manager, Head of Youth Development or Director of Football .

We have a feeling that a far few Irish fans will now have a reason to look forward to that early morning commute to work.

Take a look.

A whole new dimension of football management has arrived on tablet – and we’re delighted to announce the release of Football Manager Classic 2015. For the first time ever on tablet you’ll be working with a player database of 150,000 and can choose a club to manage from 117 real leagues across 51 nations, before watching the action unfold on our slick 3D match engine – making this the most authentic football management experience available on a handheld device. FMC15 is supported on limited high-end tablets and will be live at midnight in your local Apple and Google Play stores.

Posted by Football Manager on Wednesday, 8 April 2015