Video: These guys interview homeless people and then give them $200 8 years ago

Video: These guys interview homeless people and then give them $200

Right here is a pretty powerful lesson in not to take things for granted


Powering kindness might have been last week so you'll have to excuse our lateness on that front, but this great video is still worth a share.

The lads at Give Back Films did some fantastic work recently when they performed a random act of kindness and went to interview some homeless people in Atlanta, find out a little bit about their lives and how they got to where they are now, and then surprise them with $200.

It's a great piece to listen to the stories that they have and really helps to break down the stereotypes and misconceptions that exist out there, not to mention the reactions when they get the money are fantastic too. They show some real and sincere gratitude, and it makes for some powerful viewing.

They have a few other videos on their YouTube page which are worth a look, like this great video where they pay for random people's food at the drive-thru, hoping to just to give everyone a boost in their day.

The main message from both pieces is that if you thought this was great and it brought you some happiness or some perspective, then pass it on and do something nice for someone. You never know, it might just make the world a better place.

Hat-tip to the lads at Upworthy