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21st Jan 2016

VIDEO: Watch Bressie’s impassioned speech on mental health to the Oireachtas Joint Committee

Carl Kinsella

Bravo, Niall Breslin.

Niall Breslin, known to the masses as Bressie, is a man blessed with good looks, athletic ability and musical talent. As such, there is no better man to defy the stale stereotype of the mental illness sufferer.

Bressie is walking proof that somebody who seems to have it all can be laid low by problems that, at times, can verge on the incomprehensible.

Bressie spoke to an Oireachtas Joint Committee today in the hopes of persuading government to look at the care and support we provide to those who suffer from mental illness and ask “Are we doing enough?”

It’s a question that is not only relevant to our government, but to each of us in every day life – and there’s no doubt we need more people of Bressie’s standing to come out and force us to ask ourselves.

You can watch his 10-minute speech here. You won’t regret it.

Clip via A Lust For Life.

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