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01st Jul 2018

Mark Wahlberg is set to finally open a branch of his famous Wahlburgers restaurant in Dublin

Rory Cashin

Mark Wahlberg

First Five Guys, and now this? Which God did we please?

The God Of Burgers, apparently, because Mark Wahlberg’s famous burger restaurant chain is aiming to open a branch in Dublin quite soon.

Now, this isn’t the first time we’ve heard this rumour – we remember reading reports about it way back in 2012 – but with the increased appetite for all things burgers in Dublin, between Five Guys, Jo’Burger, Bunsen, Bobo’s, GBK… really we could list the fantastic burger outlets for a while, so clearly Wahlburgers want to strike while the grill is hot.

Speaking to the Sunday Business Post, co-owner Paul Wahlerg said that the company is looking to open their first branch outside of North America in Covent Garden in London, but Dublin is next on the agenda:

“We want to find a high-profile Dublin city centre location that can highlight the signature open-kitchen concept.”

Mark Wahlberg set the burger chain up with his brothers Paul and Donnie back in 2011, and have since opened 27 branches across America and Canada since then.

According to the report, they’re looking to open a number of branches across Ireland over the next ten years.

Excuse us, we’ll just be over here drooling…

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