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09th Mar 2019

WATCH: Paraglider attacked by kangaroos as soon as he lands

Carl Kinsella


“Fuckin’ kangaroos.”

We’ve all been there, mate. Well, not literally. Most of us actually probably haven’t safely landed after a paragliding sesh only to be set upon by kangaroos. But in a metaphorical sense, we’ve all been there.

A clip shared by Australia’s Special Broadcasting Service on their official Twitter page shows the paraglider coming in for a very smooth landing before being spotting a kangaroo bouncing towards him in the distance.

At first, the glider is playing it cool and greets the roo with a breezy “What’s up, Skip?” but soon after that it becomes clear that the kangaroo is not there for a friendly chat.

The kangaroo lands one hard kick prompting the man to say “Agh, fuck off” and then he comes back for another bite before being successfully shooed away. Thankfully, it doesn’t seem like any real harm was done.

Great video though, check it out below.

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