National Wax Museum have given their horror section a massive upgrade 3 years ago

National Wax Museum have given their horror section a massive upgrade

Great news for horror fans, just in time for Halloween!

While there are plenty of other aspects to the National Wax Museum to enjoy (not least of which is the Father Ted installation), the horror portion has always been a highlight.


From the Horror Hotel, to the Dublin Dungeons, as well as the Chambers of Horror, the scary section is definitely not for very young kids or those who scare easy, and the latest upgrades to the Museum will cement that status even more.

On top of the zombies, vampire, demons, and famous movie monsters, the section has been given an interactive update, meaning that they'll move, scream, or jump at visitors as they pass by, meaning we'll all need to bring a change of underwear along with us.

Ed Coleman, General Manager of the National Wax Museum, said: "Over the years our horror section has always been a visitor favourite, so we wanted to take it to the next level.

"We have put a huge investment into creating the most exciting, fun and of course scariest experience the city has to offer. Feedback so far has been fantastic with many customers commenting on how amazing the experience is."


Additionally, they've now added Murder Mystery Evenings, which sound absolutely awesome to us, the kind of thing we hear happening all of the time in London or New York, but we never get enough of here, as groups of family, friends and work colleagues are encouraged to get into character and search the museum for clues as to who the murderer is.

Full details on all of the National Wax Museum events and availabilities can be found right here.