Winter weather means dressing appropriately and here are some ways you can do it 7 years ago

Winter weather means dressing appropriately and here are some ways you can do it

There are some fantastic clothes on show here and it goes without saying that we want them all...

Those long winter nights are well and truly here and there is also a noticeable nip in the air in the mornings on our walk to JOE Towers and an icy chill in the evenings when we finish our long slog.


So, the most important thing over the next few months is definitely staying warm and we have picked out some great pieces of clothing that will have you looking your best and keep you warm as a toasted ham and cheese sandwich.

We have taken these examples from XV Kings The Tommy Bowe Collection and as you will have already guessed, they are all stylish and practical.

The first item we recommend you consider is the Brive –Classic Navy fleece (below left) that would be ideal for keeping you warm on your morning trip to work. While not likely to keep out a bit of rain, the fleece is easy to pull on over your shirt and jumper and would look great over the London Irish crimson stripe (below right).



Another couple of items to consider are the Treviso- Navy Stripe shirt (below left) which is perfect for under your jumper with the bright collar adding some life in contrast to the darker colours of the crimson stripe jumper and navy fleece.

And finally for those really wintery days where you can see your breath in front of your face and you fear that you may lose a toe or three to frostbite, you could invest in the Borders- Classic Navy (below right) that will keep you all snug even if your feet feel like they are inside an industrial freezer.


You can see way more of these really stylish clothes on XV Kings website and if we are being completely honest, we want everything on the website. If they are good enough for Tommy Bowe, they are definitely good enough for us.


Anyway, all the talk of toasted sandwiches is making us hungry and we are off to make a toastie...