Here is the best way to work in Canada this summer 5 months ago

Here is the best way to work in Canada this summer

Brought to you by Camp Canada by Nyquest

Plan on travelling in 2019?

As we move into a new year, it's only right that we start thinking about what we want to do for the next 12 months. There's no denying the comfort of the Emerald Isle, but the travel bug gets us all at some stage.

One of the most popular choices for Irish people to visit is Canada, and there are plenty of reasons why that's the case. The IEC work permit, the big cities, the beautiful landscapes and most importantly, it's not too far from home no doubt play a part.

Not to mention, Canadians are some of the soundest people on earth.

Work in Canada this summer

One of the things that might put you off going to work in Canada is not knowing how to make it happen. Camp Canada are hosting a hiring fair in Dublin on Monday, 14 January.

To make things even easier, you don’t need to use a Working Holiday Visa. You can save that for later, and Camp Canada’s in-house immigration team will organise your work permit for you.

You can learn more about their program and event at the Camp Canada website, and start a free application to register to their Hiring Fair!

There’s nothing like spending time living and working abroad to make the most of your summer.

There you have it. The land of maple syrup, majestic lakes, and Drake awaits. Start your application today and get ready for the experience of a lifetime!

Camp Canada by Nyquest is an international staffing company for summer camps across Canada. They have placed Irish people at camps that match their preferences for over 10 years, and provide support every step of the way.

Brought to you by Camp Canada by Nyquest