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07th Jun 2018

5 terrible mistakes that you should avoid when you brew your tea


Brought to you by STAYPure.

It’s a science!

Water. You need to drink it. Not doing so is seriously detrimental to your health. Seeing as we’re made up of the stuff, it’s important that you know what you’re consuming is pure.

AquaNu’s StayPure is a water purification device that absorbs all the manky stuff in tap water, leaving you with a cleaner beverage. It’s a very handy way to ensure that you’re drinking the freshest water possible.

All this talk about the best way to consume water had us thinking about the best way to consume other drinks. And what do most of us consume more than any other drink? Tea of course! Despite drinking it so frequently, we sometimes rush through making it. It happens.

Ultimately there’s a right way and a wrong way to make tea. Even if sometimes you don’t bother going the whole hog, it’s nice to have an ideal to strive towards.

Whatever your preferences with tea, there are a few no-nos we should all be able to agree on when it comes to the brewing process. We’re going to list them below. And quite frankly, if you disagree with these, you shouldn’t be let near a kettle from now on.

Don’t take the bag out until the two-minute mark at least

bf video tea bag GIF by buzzfeedladylike

Why bother making the stuff if you’re gonna half arse it. You can’t rush art.

Some of the hardcore tea brigade might insist that you use tea leaves over the bags, we’re not gonna go that far. When you do use the bag, there’s no need to stir it and certainly don’t squeeze it. It might speed up the process but you’ll be left with a far inferior drink at the end of it all.

Apparently, squeezing the bag releases a bitter residue known as tannins into the tea. And sure, you don’t want that.

Don’t leave the bag in the cup when you drink it

water face GIF

Few people actually do this but it’s still worth driving home the point that you definitely shouldn’t. It’s probably the easiest rule to follow. You’re never in too much of a hurry to dump the obsolete bag.

Just picture it. You finish off your lovely cup of tea, only to be met with the sight of that miserable soggy blob rooted to the bottom of your mug. Don’t even get us started on those last few gulps. You tilt the mug over the 180-degree angle to get those last few dribbles, only to have the tea bag smack you on the upper lip. Vile!

Don’t use UHT Milk

will ferrell anchorman GIF

If you have to use this poison when you’re on a plane, we’ll just about let you off. Although really, you’d be better off going without than surrendering to this processed monstrosity.

Go almond, go soy, feck it, you’d even be better off going black.

Never milk first

the last jedi milk GIF by Star Wars

You’re flirting with absolute disaster by going milk first. If you’re using a mug that you don’t know the exact specs of, how can you be sure that the measure of milk you’re going with will be appropriate?

It’s a bit like eating a biscuit with the chocolate side down. Some absolute head the ball is sure to have an argument as to why this is scientifically the best way to consume your biscuits. You might even give them the benefit of the doubt and give it a go. But all you’re left with is regret.  ‘That was a wasted biscuit, you say.’ It just wasn’t right.

It’s like bringing an actor back from the dead through motion capture. It might be technically impressive but there’s just something unsettling about it.

Never use the microwave

suing american GIF

Yeah, we get it. A phone conversation that went longer than you planned, a trip to the jacks that took up more time than you anticipated. Sometimes we get taken away from our freshly brewed mugs of tea.

Try a sip upon your return. Eh, it’s still kind of warm. “Sure I’ll just stick it in the microwave for a second,” you say to yourself.

Brew a new cup of tea you lazy so and so!

With a microwave, you’ve no temperature control and you’ll invariably end up with something that’s either too hot or too cold.

If you want perfect coffee and tea, then you need the perfect water. For perfect coffee and tea STAYpure your water. 

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Brought to you by STAYPure.

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