You might be able to cure hangover headaches with relaxing music 5 years ago

You might be able to cure hangover headaches with relaxing music

This could help some of you out...

It's the Monday of a Bank Holiday weekend, which means that some of you are probably feeling a little bit worse for wear at the moment.


Saturday's and Sunday's exploits have finally caught up with you and you're delicately poised between feeling sorry for yourself and hating yourself for drinking too much wobbly water over the weekend.


Never fear, there may be a way for you to cure your ailments, or at least some of them, and you don't even have to get up from the couch you're curled up on according to Lifehacker.

Dr. Alexander Mauskop of the New York Headache Centre believes that music can be just as good as painkillers for curing headaches.

Now, we're slightly skeptical on all this but it's surely worth a go if you're suffering from a pounding headache that no amount of Paracetamols or water will shift.

Dr. Lynn Webster, the former president of the American Academy of Pain Medicine and current VP of Scientific Affairs for PRA Health Sciences believes that the music works as a distraction and takes your mind off the pain.

The pair have no scientific evidence to back up their theories but to be sure, JOE played some Backstreet Boys and Daniel Powter a few minutes ago and now we don't have a headache.


In the interest of objectivity, we should probably make it clear that we didn't have a headache to begin with though.

Video via Warner Bros. Records.