If you're consistently late for work, your colleagues probably hate you 4 years ago

If you're consistently late for work, your colleagues probably hate you

We all thought of someone immediately.

It turns out, if you're turning up late for work consistently, nearly half of your colleagues probably hate you.


According to a new survey conducted by Jobs.ie, 46% of workers feel resentful of a colleague who is consistently late for work.

While we're sure most of you out there have been late for work occasionally, you probably aren't late for work every day, and it's a rare occasion when you accidentally knock off the alarm instead of snoozing it. But those who are constantly tardy with their timekeeping are creating animosity in the workplace and it's detrimental to workplace morale.

So what were the most common reasons given for being late to work?

  • Heavy traffic (59%),
  • Oversleeping (33%)
  • Weather (26%)

The weather? Seriously? We live in Ireland FFS, you'd think we'd be used to the weather by now.

Speaking on the results of the survey, Jobs.ie General Manager Chris Paye said: "To address lateness in the workplace, each employer must attempt to understand the core reasons why their employees are not arriving to work on time.

"There is no one-size-fits-all solution, and every lateness policy should cater to the needs of each individual workforce in order to be effective.

"The importance of implementation of clear and precise policies in the workplace on matters like lateness ensures that everyone is aware of the expectations of their employer, reducing conflict and creating a harmonious and productive work environment."