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The hourly rental car company plan to double the number of cars and vans in Dublin this year.

Hourly rental car company GoCar is seeking suggestions from the public as to where to set up new locations in Dublin in 2017.

GoCar announced plans on Monday to double the number of cars and vans available to rent by the hour in Dublin over the course of this year and want the public’s input as to where to situate them to best suit demand.

GoCar currently have over 150 cars and vans available at a number of locations throughout Dublin (see here) and members of the public can suggest new locations by following this link.

GoCar’s plans to expand their fleet in Dublin comes off the back of research by the RAC Foundation in the UK that the average car is used for an hour a day, while AA Ireland’s Cost of Motoring report shows that it costs almost €11,000 a year to run a car, or approximately €30 an hour for the average driver.

For more information, check out the GoCar website.


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