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16th Jan 2024

Some drivers are only just finding out what the button on their seatbelt is actually for

Charlie Herbert


Every day’s a school day.

Some people on social media have been left stunned after finding out the use behind the little button on a seatbelt.

There’s a lot of stuff in life that we just accept and don’t question. You could drive yourself mad by trying to understand how TV works, how wireless earphones pipe music into our ears, or how you can send a message to someone on the other side of the world at the touch of a button.

Cars certainly fall into this category, and many of us would get a headache trying to understand how an internal combustion engine makes a vehicle move forward.

But there are some things we can understand, things that seem so blatantly obvious when they’re explained to you but you’ve never bothered thinking about.

Like the little black button on a seatbelt.

You’ve probably spent your entire life never thinking about the little bump of black plastic on the belt.

But what is it for? Well, a TikToker has given people the answer.

In a video, @epiccfacts explained: “The little button on your seatbelt is to stop the buckle from going past it.

“So it will always be in the right spot when you go to buckle it up.”

@epiccfacts What The Secret Button On Your Seatbelts Does #facts ♬ nhạc nền – Facts

Followers couldn’t hide their amazement at finding out that the little button has a purpose, with one writing: “Wow that seatbelt one blew my mind, I would have never thought of that.”

Another said: “Wow! I never knew!!”

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