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13th Jan 2024

Conan O’Brien had Patrick Kielty in stitches with chaotic Late Late appearance

Simon Kelly

Conan O'Brien Late Late Show

“I don’t wanna go.”

Patrick Kielty was left in stiches by the end of his chaotic interview with Conan O’Brien on Friday night’s Late Late Show.

The late night legend has been all around Ireland this last week filming his new travel show Conan Must Go and ended it in the RTÉ studio alongside Kielty.

Arriving on stage by being wheeled in on a boat, the US comedy legend was very complimentary of the new Late Late Show host. “I think you’re killing it, you’re doing a great job,” he said. “All I did was watch clips of you all week and I was filled with jealousy and rage so you’re doing your job.”

Conan O’Brien had Patrick Kielty in stitches with chaotic Late Late appearance

And so began one of the more chaotic Late Late Show interviews, with O’Brien discussing his week in Ireland before launching into a bit where he tried to pronounce Irish people’s names.

“It’s been lovely,” the 60-year-old said of his trip. “The people in this country are fantastic, they’re so funny so welcoming, they’ve been great.”

He went on to talk of his visit to what he called “the greatest tribute to any American president” – Barack Obama Plaza.

“It’s not often you can pay homage to a bronze statue of a president and a first lady and then get a pretty decent sandwich a the same time,” he joked before revealing that he had an air pump named after him at the petrol station.

Finishing off his interview, O’Brien stood and launched into a rendition of Too-ra-loo-ra-loo-ral, which nearly proved too much for Kielty, who could be heard in stitches in the background.

One person on Twitter responded: “Patrick Kielty’s microphone picking him up pissing himself laughing behind Conan O’Brien was simply amazing.”

Despite a slight bump in the road during his “Irish names are hard to pronounce” bit, Conan seemed to be a delight to the audience and viewers alike, with many enjoying it on social media.

One person wrote: “Conan O’Brien has interviewed literally thousands of people as a late night talk show host and had to be told by Kielty to stay in his seat after the interview. Magnificent.”

Another said: “Excellent Late Late Show. Conan O’Brien interview great. Musicians fantastic. Congrats to RTÉ and Patrick Kielty – great show. Great start to 2024.”

A third said: “I’ll never not love Conan O’Brien.”

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