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12th Jan 2024

Netflix viewers are binge-watching this ‘unmissable’ new crime series

Simon Kelly

Netflix crime

“Proving Michelle Yeoh can do no wrong.”

If you’re currently getting through all of the brand new movies and shows being added to Netflix and the 20 movies just added to Prime, then it’s time to put this series to the top of your list.

If you haven’t already given it a watch, Netflix’s new crime series The Brothers Sun is getting rave reviews since its release, with some critics calling it “unmissable”.

The series stars Oscar winner Michelle Yeoh (Everything Everywhere All at Once) as the wife of a Taipei crime boss who moves with her family to California, where the past catches up with them.

The Brothers Sun: Viewers are binge-watching this ‘unmissable’ new Netflix crime series

The logline for the series, which landed on Netflix on January 4, says: “When a mysterious enemy targets his family, a Taipei triad member heads to Los Angeles to protect his strong-willed mother and oblivious younger brother.”

Starring alongside Yeoh are Justin Chie and Sam Song Li as her sons Charles and Bruce.

Co-created Bryan Wu and Brad Falchuk, the latter being best known for co-creating series such as Glee and American Horror Story, the series has been getting rave reviews and currently holds an 85% Rotten Tomatoes rating.

Some critics have praised the show, with Yeoh in particular being singled out as the shining light of the series. Here is what they had to say:

Inverse: “Proving Michelle Yeoh can do no wrong, The Brothers Sun is the streaming giant’s first such show that could be classed as unmissable.”

The Wall Street Journal: “The quality of dialogue and storytelling in The Brothers Sun, despite much fun and electricity, proves a drag on many of her co-stars. Ms. Yeoh, meanwhile, levitates.”

Variety: “The Brothers Sun has the perfect mix of comedy and drama. It’s a narrative about what’s expected, what can be endured and how much we are willing to give up so others can live out their dreams.”

One viewer added: “The Brothers Sun is so much fun. I don’t remember binge-watching something without a break like this in months. Blood cooked kickass action choreography, a super talented and charming cast, family business, triad gang wars and what not! Recommended! Michelle Yeoh is kick-ass!”

The Brothers Sun blends a whole load of genres together including comedy, drama and action, with Wu stating in an interview with Deadline: “We love comedy, action, drama, and mystery assailants [type stories], and we wanted to do all of those things. And the show just felt like it had space for it.

The entire first season of The Brothers Sun is available to watch on Netflix.

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