The iconic 'Bus W***ers' car from Inbetweeners is now up for sale 1 year ago

The iconic 'Bus W***ers' car from Inbetweeners is now up for sale

The famous Fiat from The Inbetweeners is up for sale.

The iconic yellow Fiat from The Inbetweeners, fitted with the memorable red door and a rude bumper sticker, is heading to auction later this month.


In the sitcom, Simon, played by Joe Thomas, is given the 1996 Fiat Cinquecento by his parents when he passes his driving test, but it is not long until the vehicle turns into a source of mockery for his friends.

In one of the show's most memorable episodes, Jay leans out of the passenger seat window and shouts "bus wankers" at a group of people at the bus stop, only to find that the yellow Fiat breaks down moments later.

The iconic car will go up for sale at East Bristol Auctions on 28 May during its specialist 'Entertainment Memorabilia Auction'.

Auctioneer Andrew Stow said: "It's a really fun piece of memorabilia.


"It's not the Batmobile, or the Ghostbusters' Ecto 1, but for people who know the series - it may as well be!

"When it arrived at our sale room there was literally a queue of passers-by wanting their picture taken with it.

"It's just so British. It's an underdog, an unloved car - yet everyone wants a piece of it. Quite remarkable for a 20-year-old yellow Fiat!"

The car previously belonged to a stuntman and also appeared in a stunt show after its debut on The Inbetweeners.


Despite having a few scuffs here and there, the yellow Fiat is in good condition and comes with a full year's MOT. The estimated price of the car is between £2,000 - £3,000 (approximately €2,300-€3,500).

The full details can be accessed on East Bristol Auctions' website.