PIC: Learner driver gets stuck on "sheep highway" in Kerry 4 years ago

PIC: Learner driver gets stuck on "sheep highway" in Kerry

At no point could this have seemed like a good idea.

Listen, nobody is perfect, and we are not here to judge.


The fact that it was a learner driver doesn't mean much, as we were all learner drivers at some stage (except for those of us who don't drive), and it is a process, and we get that.

But this learner driver in Kerry can't have thought that this was in any way doable?

This particular passage, while mostly used as a pedestrian walkway on the very scenic cliff-fronts at Dunquin Pier, is also used as a... sheep funnel? Lets go with that.

Anyways, the folks at Blasket Island Ferries caught the image and posted it to their Facebook page with the following comment:


"Well it’s that time of year again where the no through ⛔️ sign at the top of the pedestrian pathway down to Dunquin Pier gets ignored.? This learner driver has managed to get themselves fairly stuck.? Good news that our Ferries weren’t running today, it would have been a catastrophe trying to bring people back from the island."

A little while later, when they remember that this wasn't even the first time this happened, they added: "On closer inspection we’ve realised that this car and the one from a few years ago are Hyundai.? And we’ve yet to see this happening to a female driver.?"


Image via Facebook/Blasket Island Ferries