A necessary tribute to Pimp My Ride UK, a truly misunderstood piece of television 1 year ago

A necessary tribute to Pimp My Ride UK, a truly misunderstood piece of television

A '67 Ford Mustang with gold-plated rims? Nah mate, I'll take a '91 Suzuki Swift with a hand print from Danny Dyer.

Most things in life make sense at the time. It's only when the years roll by and we're given the gift of hindsight that the cringe finally sets in.

That is true for many things, but not so with Pimp My Ride UK. Here was a show that didn't play by the rules, certainly not those set by its US predecessor.

They didn't hire some up-and-coming musician that represented the nation's youth. Oh no, that would be the easy way.

Only one man was right for this job; 48 year-old DJ, "your boy," Tim Westwood.

For reference, despite the fact it's been 12 years since the US show last aired, Xzibit is still four years younger than when our boy Tim took up the role. If that isn't breaking the mould, I don't know what is.

Speaking of mould, the UK show once got Danny Dyer in to make a hand print to leave in the participant's car. You name me one other show in the history of television that would think of something this inventive.

It's a sad thing that we no longer live in a world where this standard of telly is deemed acceptable by an international station like MTV. Imagine how something like this would be received in the age of Twitter.

The truth is, we simply weren't ready to deal with a show of this calibre.

Should you want to relive the show's glory, there's a whole treasure trove of gold waiting for you on YouTube. If you had no idea this show ever existed, you have much to learn...

Clip via The Night Driver