These are the 10 most popular movies and TV shows on Netflix in Ireland right now 7 months ago

These are the 10 most popular movies and TV shows on Netflix in Ireland right now

Yes. As of right now. This very second.

Okay, so... (looks at watch)... as of 7.35pm on the evening of Tuesday 25 February 2020, these are the top ten most popular TV shows and movies on Netflix.

If you read this at 6.36pm, or you read this on Wednesday 26 February, or you read it in 2021, then this may very well be completely different, or it could be the exact same.

Netflix have recently added the top 10 most popular columns on both shows and movies, so you can check it out for yourself on the service any time you like to see what everyone else is watching.

But for right now, we'll kick off with the TV shows:

  1. Love Is Blind
  2. The Stranger
  3. Narcos: Mexico
  4. Better Call Saul
  5. Pup Academy
  6. Babies
  7. Safe
  8. Locke & Key
  9. Sex Education
  10. Friends

So what does this tell us? Well, Netflix certainly have a handle on their series, with eight of the ten shows being Netflix originals (nine if you include Better Call Saul, which is only kinda sorta a Netflix show). Outside of that, viewers have mostly good taste, although we did have to look up what Pup Academy was. Oh, and in life there will always be three constants: death, taxes, and people will be watching Friends until the eventual nuclear apocalypse arrives.

And here are the 10 most popular movies on Netflix:

  1. The Last Thing He Wanted
  2. The Nut Job 2: Nutty By Nature
  3. Peter Rabbit
  4. To All The Boys: PS I Still Love You
  5. Girl On The Third Floor
  6. Tower Heist
  7. Minions
  8. The BFG
  9. Uncut Gems
  10. Kicking & Screaming

Yikes. What the heck happened here?? Once again, there is a fair share of Netflix original content on here, with three of the movies coming from in-house. However, while Uncut Gems was unfairly overlooked at the Oscars, terrible Anne Hathaway thriller The Last Thing He Wanted currently has a score of 5% on Rotten Tomatoes. The Nut Job 2 isn't much better, with 14%. And then you've got maybe the least funny film Will Ferrell has ever stared in, right at the end of the list.

But at least viewers are seeking out something different, as with Girl On The Third Floor, a quirky horror with no major stars in it at all. More of this, please!