Here are the 13 movies to watch on the TV this weekend 3 years ago

Here are the 13 movies to watch on the TV this weekend

Sitting in this weekend? We've got you covered.

If you're heading to the cinema, then we fully suggest you check out the latest episode of JOE and Her's cinema podcast, and this week we review Fifty Shades Freed, The Shape Of Water and chat to the director and some of the stars of Black Panther.


However, should you be on the couch at any point over the weekend and not sure what movies to watch on the box, here are our prime suggestions:


8 Mile - ITV4 - 22:00

Eminem basically plays himself, in this movie from the director of LA Confidential, which charts the rise of a street battling rapper who finds himself on the cusp of super-stardom. Features a great performance by the late Brittany Murphy.

Bad Neighbours - RTE 2 - 22:35

Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne play the married couple with a new baby who move into a new neighbourhood, only to discover that their dream home is right next door to a new college dorm, run by Zac Efron and McLovin'. Things quickly go from bad to worse when they try to drive the teenagers out of their home.


Magic Mike - Channel 4 - 00:10 (after midnight, Friday into Saturday)

Channing Tatum, Matthew McConaughey and whole group of Hollywood hunks get their strip on in this movie from the Oscar-winning director of Ocean's 11 and Traffic.


Casper - E4 - 12:00

Christina Ricci and Bill Pullman move into a haunted home in order to try to get rid of the spooks there, except that one of them turns out to be very friendly and develops a crush on the new teenage girl that has moved in.


The Book Of Life - RTE One - 18:35

If you liked Coco, then you should also really love this movie, which actually beat Pixar and Disney to the punch when it comes to the animated take on the Day Of The Dead.

X:Men - First Class - E4 - 21:00

Fassbender, McAvoy, J-Law (but no Wolverine... yet), as we get introduced to the X-Men back in the 70s, before Xavier was bald and in a wheelchair, and before Magneto became the human-hating leader he would later turn into.


The Stag - RTE2 - 21:30

Irish comedy featuring Andrew Scott and Amy Huberman, involving a stag group who are taken on a long walk through the woods, which nobody is super happy about, but before long they find themselves closer than ever before.

Young Frankenstein - BBC Two - 23:15

One of the funniest movies ever made. Literally. End of.


Blade - ITV4 - 23:45

Wesley Snipes was the kick-ass daywalker who wants to help clear Earth of vampires, but Stephen Dorff has other plans, which basically involve becoming an ancient vampire God. There will be blood...


Men In Black - TV3 - 14:30

Back when Will Smith was actually a really big box office draw, he teamed up with Tommy Lee Jones for this genuinely great, very funny sci-fi-action-comedy, involving saving the day from nasty aliens, usually with the help of some friendlier ones.

The Spongebob Movie: Sponge Out Of Water - Channel 4 - 14:55

Once again, Mr. Krabs secret recipe for the Krabby Pattys is up for grabs, and an evil Antonio Banderas is tracked down by Spongebob and his pals as they finally get up on dry land. Absolutely bonkers stuff, but very funny.

The Hobbit: The Battle Of The Five Armies - ITV2 - 18:20

At long last, it all comes to an end, and involves just about ever CGI extra you can imagine, all kicking and stabbing and generally trying to kill each other for two hours.

In Order Of Disappearance - BBC Four - 22:00

An absolutely brilliant, darkly comic but insanely violent story of revenge starring Stellan Skarsgard, as a man who discovers that his son has been killed, and goes on a one man rampage of revenge. See it before the inevitable Liam Neeson remake.