2019 will have its own killer shark movie, but it has already made one huge mistake 11 months ago

2019 will have its own killer shark movie, but it has already made one huge mistake

Killer shark movies seem to be on a bit of a comeback.

A few years back we had Blake Lively survive on a rock at sea in The Shallows, this summer we had the $150 million blockbuster The Meg, and later in 2018 we will get both Deep Blue Sea 2, as well as the sixth in the Sharknado series, titled The Last Sharknado: It's About Time, because it is actually about time, as it involves time travel, because of course it does.

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However, that isn't the one we're here to talk about.

Released in summer 2017, there was a low-budget killer shark horror called 47 Meters Down that turned out to be a teeny box office hit. The $5 million production was originally set to be a direct-to-TV/streaming services, but was pumped into cinemas instead, and made over $60 million in return.

Headline star Mandy Moore won't be returning for the sequel, but the screenwriter and director will be back for the upcoming sequel, which will venture away from the cage-diving aspect of the original, and will instead focus on five cave-divers who discover an underwater city in South America (as you do), and then soon afterwards discover they're not alone down there...

The first teaser for the sequel was premiered this week, and when you watch it, see if you notice the same big problem we did...

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47 Meters Down: The Next Chapter?

Come on, guys.

You and we and everyone else in the world knows that it SHOULD have been called 48 Meters Down.

It was right there!

Besides, everyone knows sharks are over now. 2019 is all about killer alligators.