5 underrated shows you should be streaming right now 2 weeks ago

5 underrated shows you should be streaming right now

With so many streaming services available these days, it's incredibly hard to keep up with every series that comes our way.

That's why it's easy to miss some gems that may be released a bit under-the-radar and don't get the hype they deserve. We're here to fix that, with some of our recommendations of shows you might not have picked up on yet.


All of the series listed below have been released in the last year or so and all are well worth a watch. So if you haven't got around to all of them yet, here's your chance to give them a go.

Loot - Apple TV+

While there is very much an argument that we may never get a good sitcom again due to the cutthroat nature of streaming platforms, there is still hope with some recent offerings. One of them being Apple's Loot starring the hilarious Maya Rudolph.

The premise is simple, a billionaire divorcée wants to reconnect with what matters and decides to take charge of her own charity, leading to some fairly goofy situations. Once the series gets going it's a really enjoyable watch and has some excellent actors involved throughout. Here's hoping it gets a chance to breath - after a few more seasons it could become a modern classic.


Slow Horses - Apple TV+

I only need to mention one name for this to be an automatic sell and that's Gary Oldman. The legendary actor rarely switches from the big screen but he fronts up this smart, quirky crime comedy with his usual effortlessness.

Oldman stars as Jackson Lamb, a disenfranchised M15 agent who leads up Slough House, purgatory for agents who have been ousted from the field for messing up their job. Oldman is backed up by a brilliant supporting cast and there's some excellent storylines throughout both seasons. It's a real surprise nobody seems to be talking about it.


Hunters - Prime Video

Another legend of the big screen heads up this stylish thriller series over on Prime Video. Al Pacino stars as the leader of a group of Nazi hunters in 70's New York who stumble upon a plan for a Fourth Reich. The diverse cast of characters keeps the show interesting and if you're into wild plot lines this is definitely one to strap in for.

Season two released earlier this year. Unfortunately, it won't be continued on into a third, but it's definitely still worth checking out.


Three Pines - Prime Video

If you're looking for a cosy crime caper then look no further than Three Pines. Alfred Molina, who audiences will be familiar with as Dr. Octopus from the original Spiderman films, plays Armand Gamache, a Canadian chief inspector who deals with a series of murder mysteries in the Quebec town of Three Pines.

Based on a book of the same name, Three Pines is a delightful mystery series that focuses on a new story every two episodes that links the characters of the town together. Agatha Christie fans will really get a kick out of this if they haven't already uncovered it on the streamer.


Lockwood & Co - Netflix

It's hard to fly under the radar on Netflix and every show seems to be hyped up to no end. However, this new supernatural series based on the popular young adult book series is a real surprise treat. This smart and well-paced first season should be a welcome anecdote to fans who are waiting on a new season of Stranger things.

Created by Joe Cornish, who directed the excellent Attack The Block, Lockwood & Co. focuses on a trio of ghost-busting agents who set out to unravel a mystery that could change the face of history. We couldn't recommend this series enough and we're sure there's more seasons to come.

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