Here are the 6 best movies on TV today 1 month ago

Here are the 6 best movies on TV today

Monday = Back to reality.

Yep. Even though it felt like it was only about 45 minutes long, the weekend is over, and we're back to a new week.

Although Monday evenings are a good time for watching movies, it must be said.

So you could head to the cinema and check out all of the new releases (we review them all here), or you could sit in and enjoy one or more of these:


Gone Girl - FilmFour - 9pm

David Fincher's darkly comic thriller pits husband (Ben Affleck) and wife (Rosamund Pike) against each other in the ultimate mind-f*ck breakdown that will have you questioning the validity of every happy couple in existence.

Apollo 13 - ITV4 - 9pm

Tom Hanks leads an all-star cast in this biopic of a space disaster that manages to keep you on the edge of your seat even though (spoilers!) you probably already know how it ends.

Bad Neighbours 2 - E4 - 9pm

The sequel to the Nice People VS College Kids comedy takes a feminist twist when Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne discover their new bad neighbours is a sorority instead of a frat house and it will require different tactics to defeat them.

Safe House - TG4 - 9.30pm

Ryan Reynolds is the CIA operator who is tasked with keeping important witness/incredibly dangerous criminal Denzel Washington alive when their South African safe house is exposed. An above-average action-thriller.

The Matrix Reloaded - Sky One - 9.30pm

The first sequel and the exact middle ground between the first movie's epic sci-fi scope and the OTT existential waffle that would essentially drown the series. The car chase scene is still pretty fantastic, though. So we've got hope that the upcoming 4th movie will return to the greatness of the original.

Senna - ITV - 11.50pm

Documentary on Ayrton Senna, widely regarded to be one of the greatest Formula One drivers to have ever lived. Exceptional.