Here are the 6 best movies on TV today 5 months ago

Here are the 6 best movies on TV today

Decisions, decisions...

Chances are, if you're going out at all this weekend, it will be either tonight or Saturday night.

So if you're planning on Saturday night being your big fun night out, then you'll need something to do tonight.

Which is where we step in with our list of great movies on the TV tonight!


John Wick - Virgin Media One - 9.00pm

With the third (and final?) movie hitting cinemas this summer, now is a good time to go back and check out the first out-of-nowhere Wick movie. Someone killed his dog. So he's going to kill everyone. Sounds fair.

Ted - ITV2 - 9.00pm

Mark Wahlberg is best friends with a living teddy bear, which may be the reason why he's stuck in a state of arrested development, much to the annoyance of his loving girlfriend Mila Kunis. They also hate thunder.

21 Jump Street - Comedy Central - 9.00pm

Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill star in brilliant remake of the hit 80s TV show, mostly thanks to the geniuses behind Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs and The LEGO Movie injecting the whole thing with just the right amount of lunacy.

Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story - FilmFour - 9.00pm

Arguably the funniest that Ben Stiller has ever been, playing a sociopathic gym owner who wants to take over schlubby Vince Vaughn's gym for... reasons. Not that it matters, because there are so many incredible one-liners you won't have enough time to focus on the story!

The Fugitive - RTE Two - 9.45pm

Harrison Ford didn't kill his wife. Tommy Lee Jones doesn't care.

Green Zone - ITV4 - 11.40pm

Matt Damon reteams up with the director of three of the four Bourne movies for this action thriller set in Iraq, telling the story of a group of soldiers who have been sent to uncover Saddam's stockpile of nuclear weapons.