Here are the 7 best movies on TV this Tuesday 1 month ago

Here are the 7 best movies on TV this Tuesday

Choose life…

“Choose a job. Choose a career. Choose a family…”

Actually, scratch all of that, there’s no need to go through Renton’s famous speech from Trainspotting in full here, it's a bit deep for the day after a Bank Holiday.

If you want to explore it further, you can simply choose to watch Trainspotting on Film4, the last of our selection of movies on the box tonight and probably the pick of the bunch.

Here are the rest.

Home Again – Film4 – 7.05pm

If you’re in need of a rom-com fix, this 2017 effort starting Reese Witherspoon, Michael Sheen and Candice Bergen will do the trick.

If you’re not in need of said fix, best avoid it.

The Other Guys – Comedy Central – 9pm

Not all of the jokes in this clever spoof of buddy-cop movies land, but enough of them do to do a stellar cast justice.

Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell are the main men, but The Rock, Samuel L Jackson, Steve Coogan and particularly Michael Keaton make their cameos count.

Les Misérables – Sky Atlantic – 9pm

Not nearly as impressive as watching it in a theatre, but not bad either.

The Ritual – Film 4 – 9pm

Four university mates go hiking in a Scandinavian forest in memory of a friend who suggested the trip, but got caught up in a robbery and killed on the very same night.

Strange occurrences ensue.

Contraband – SyFy – 10pm

More Mark Wahlberg, this time on more familiar ground in a half decent thriller about a drug deal gone wrong.

Rambo III – ITV4 – 10pm

‘The first was for himself. The second for his country. This time it's to save his friend.’

If you feel the tagline was stretching things slightly for John Rambo, the third movie in the series only confirms as much.

Trainspotting – Film 4 – 10.55pm

As we’ve already said, the pick of the bunch tonight.