A new TV show called 'Why Does Everyone Hate the English?' is set to air 1 year ago

A new TV show called 'Why Does Everyone Hate the English?' is set to air

Should be interesting.

Despite the recent decision to remove history as a core subject from the Junior Cert - you can read more about our objections to that move here - there's no denying that Irish people have a keen sense of history, especially in relation to our relationship with Britain.

While we're extremely proud of our unique culture, identity and heritage, it's arguable that no other country has had as much an impact on Irish society quite like our English neighbours.

Plantations and Penal Laws. Invasions and colonisations. Famine and murder. Home Rule and 'To Hell or To Connacht.' The Battle of the Boyne and The War of Independence. The Act of Union and the Black and Tans. The Troubles and The Good Friday Agreement. The EU and Brexit. Partition.

The histories of both countries are inextricably linked - not always for the better - but with so many people of Irish descent living in the UK, it's essential that we fully understand our history with England.

Daniel O'Connell, Henry Grattan, William of Orange, Wolfe Tone, Charles Stewart Parnell, Michael Collins, Éamon de Valera, Oliver Cromwell, just some of the names that have shaped Ireland's history and in a new show, the History Channel will be asking 'Why Does Everyone Hate the English?'

As stated on their official website: "Famous for his comedy alter ego, 'The Pub Landlord', Al Murray, the award winning comedian and history fanatic will find out what lies behind England's greatest feuds with its closest neighbours: Wales, Scotland, Ireland, Germany and France. Each episode will see Al partner with a local comedian and proud patriot (Antoine de Caunes in France, Henning Wehn in Germany, Fred MacAulay in Scotland, Elis James in Wales and Andrew Maxwell in Ireland) to explore stories of historic battles, massacres, riots and revolutions that have set the tone for our modern relationships with our closest neighbours.  It’s the perfect opportunity to shake hands and make friends…right?"

With regards to the episode that focuses on Ireland, here's what you can expect.

"Al drives to meet Andrew at Howth quayside, he muses that Ireland could be his trickiest journey yet. He’s aware that Anglo-Irish relations have been shocking down the centuries, and anticipates that the activities of England’s seventeenth century dictator and 'Lord Protector' Oliver Cromwell will feature prominently in this trip."

Talking about Oliver Cromwell in Ireland, eh? That should be 'interesting.'

Here's a look at what's in store when the series starts on 8 October.