Adam Sandler has officially greenlit Happy Gilmore 2 1 year ago

Adam Sandler has officially greenlit Happy Gilmore 2

It sounds like Happy Gilmore 2 could be on the way.

We are living in an age where every successful movie or TV show from the past has the potential to be rebooted or expanded upon.


And while there are some projects that we would insist should be left alone, there are also some that we would love to see more of.

And we reckon Happy Gilmore definitely falls into that second category.

Which is why we are so happy to see Adam Sandler and Christopher McDonald (Shooter McGavin) tease a sequel to the iconic comedy.

In an interview with The Golf Channel, Sandler was asked about whether there are any official plans in place to make Happy Gilmore 2.


While he said that no official discussions have been held, both he and McDonald said that they are up for doing a sequel, and when asked if it can be greenlit, Sandler responded: "Yes. You can greenlight this."

This comes days after a video of the two lads calling each other out in character went viral.


Sandler seems to have the swing down to a tee, if you will...

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