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12th Sep 2014

Ahoy me hearties! Here be JOE’s Top 5 favourite pop culture Captains

Aye, aye Captain...


Aye, aye Captain…

JOE always associates the rank of captain with an iconic status that signifies authority, leadership and excellence… a bit like ourselves actually. In fact, we’d like you to call us Captain JOE from now on. No? OK then, it was worth a try.

That got the JOEs in the office aboard the good ship JOE-lly Roger thinking about who our favourite ever pop culture captains actually are. Check out the super selection and let us know your own favourites in the comments below…

Captain Clarence Oveur – Airplane!

The comedy classic Airplane! has always been one of JOE’s favourite films and it is absolutely packed with memorable, hilarious characters. For us, the deranged Captain Clarence Oveur is definitely top of our list.

It’s mainly because we have lots in common with the great man; we also like movies about gladiators and, although we don’t really talk about it, we have been to a Turkish prison. We could spend endless hours reciting this conversation…

Clip via – bencemage

Captain Steve Zissou – The Life Acquatic With Steve Zissou

If ever there was a person that JOE would be willing to serve under and follow their every command then it would definitely be Bill Murray in Wes Anderson’s hilarious comedy, The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou.

Life on his boat, The Belafonte, would be pretty sweet and we can definitely envisage ourselves wearing a fetching red beanie cap, all while charting a reckless course through unprotected waters. We’d also fit right in because we also have a deep love for lesser-spotted sea creatures and a fondness for dynamite.

JOE would never quit on you Captain.

Clip via – JoeyThePeasant

Captain Dickson – 21 Jump Street

We have seen plenty of angry police captains over the years; Beverly Hills Cop was our favourite… until we saw Ice Cube’s hilarious and terrifyingly shouty police captain in the excellent Jump Street films.

The best way to deal with one of the funniest angry police captains to ever appear on the big screen? Sit down, shut up and do what you’re told. Trust us, it’s the only way to get by…

Clip via – Alex Ventura

Captains Murtagh and Riggs – Lethal Weapon

JOE constantly feels like we’re getting to old for this s#*t, which is exactly why we can relate to the the best police partnership since Turner and Hooch.

The Lethal Weapon series had some of our favourite one liners and action sequences, like exploding toilets, jumping off of buildings and underwater straitjacket escapes. Just don’t mention Leo Getz to us is all…


Captain Quint – Jaws

It takes a real Captain to lead a crew featuring just a marine biologist and a Chief of Police against one of the most ferocious sea creatures alive, but Captain Quint is the man for the job.

Granted, he got eaten alive whilst doing this, but the crew of the Orca more than managed to get the job done. The harder-than-nails Captain Quint was the only man brave enough to go after the scourge of Amity Islands seas.

This introduction tells you everything that you need to know about the magnificent man.

Clip via – tylerdennis

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