Aidan Gillen to be honoured with an Oscar Wilde Award 4 years ago

Aidan Gillen to be honoured with an Oscar Wilde Award

Quite the achievement for the man from Drumcondra.

Aidan Gillen is being honoured with an Oscar Wilde Award, paying tribute to his acting career so far. He is being honoured by the US-Ireland Alliance.


According to RTE, the annual pre-Academy Awards event will be held in Santa Monica in LA on 21 February.

The Dublin man has appeared in some of the biggest TV shows of all time, such as The Wire, Game of Thrones, and most recently Peaky Blinders.

He is also well-known for his portrayal of John Boy in Love/Hate.

He has also appeared in major movies, such as The Dark Knight Rises, Sing Street and most recently he played a major role in Bohemian Rhapsody.


In 2004 he earned a Tony Award for his performance in a Broadway production of The Caretaker.

JJ Abrams will return as the emcee for the awards ceremony, fresh from directing the upcoming Star Wars movie.

Gillen is still working on an upcoming season of Peaky Blinders, and he is about to star in the Robert Zemeckis-produced History series Project Blue Book.

Fair play to him!