Aidan Gillen to star in new Dublin-based crime series 3 years ago

Aidan Gillen to star in new Dublin-based crime series

If it's half as successful as Love/Hate then we have a classic on our hands.

Aidan Gillen will be starring in a new crime show set in Dublin, it has been confirmed.


According to RTÉ, Kin will tell the story of a fictional Dublin family embroiled in gangland war and speaks to the "enduring unbreakable bonds of blood and family".

Sounds juicy.

As well as Gillen, the new series features a number of other talented Irish and English actors, including Charlie Cox (Daredevil, The Theory of Everything), Clare Dunne (Herself, The Last Duel), Maria Doyle Kennedy (Outlander), Emmett Scanlan (Peaky Blinders, Hollyoaks), Sam Keeley (68 Whiskey) and Ciarán Hinds (The Terror).

While there is no official release date for this series yet, we do know that filming has already begun, so we can probably expect to see it at some point in 2021.


As we're sure you know, Gillen played John Boy in Love/Hate, which is undeniably the most successful TV show of this ilk.

And if all this talk of Love/Hate is making you miss the show, why not take our quiz to see how much of a super-fan you are?

It is being made by BRON Studios and Headline Pictures in collaboration with RTÉ and NENT Studios.

Kin is also being made in association with Creative Wealth Media and is supported by Screen Ireland and the Broadcast Authority of Ireland.