It's very likely that It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia will be extended to 16 seasons, studio says 1 year ago

It's very likely that It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia will be extended to 16 seasons, studio says

Season 14 arrives soon and it might not be the end. Time to break out the rum ham.

With the new season of Always Sunny set to tie The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet as the longest-running live-action comedy series, some jabronis might be wondering how that's possible.


In the immortal words of Mac: "Well, first of all, through God, all things are possible, so jot that down" and with the gang set to return - with Dolph Lundgren for company - it looks like Wade Boggs isn't the only person about to have their record broken.

Much like Charlie and Frank when they devour a tin of cat food, there's an insatiable hunger from Always Sunny fans for more and it appears that FX are more than happy to keep Paddy's Pub open for a bit longer.

In an interview with Deadline, FX Networks Chairman John Landgraf said that the studio are keen to make 16 seasons of the beloved comedy.

"It’s completely up to them. We will absolutely make more seasons of Sunny if the gang chooses to make more seasons of Sunny," Landgraf said.

"Rob (McElhenney) has been pretty positive about wanting to keep going with it, but it’s ultimately his call. I can’t believe it still exists after 14 years, but if he wanted to make a 15th or 16th season, we would absolutely do it. The show is still good; it’s as good as it’s ever been."

Despite the fact that various cast members have branched out and worked on different projects, there's no denying the love that they have for playing Philadelphia's biggest group of degenerates.

As for Season 14 of the beloved show, it's set to premiere in the US on 25 September.


The new season will feature an episode about global warming, a Waiting for Godot-themed laser tag adventure, and an episode where the gang puts their apartments up for rent on AirBnB in an effort to find love — which will be one of two episodes directed by Glenn Howerton (Dennis).

The gang are also set to revisitThunder Gun Express, which can only be a good thing.

Bring it on.