The gang wake up in Dublin's Dame Street in the new Always Sunny episode 6 months ago

The gang wake up in Dublin's Dame Street in the new Always Sunny episode

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Irish eyes are smiling for a very big hangover...

Having previously teased some Irish-themed action for the new season, the Always Sunny in Philadelphia crew have officially touched down in the Emerald Isle.


Well, they did that a few months ago when filming here but the fruits of their labour are now finally available to witness via the show's latest episode.

Having just premiered on American TV, the episode finds Dee waking up following what appears to be a colossal night of drinking and feeling the effects thereof.

So far, so standard.

Only this time, thanks to some last-minute cruel ingenuity from Dennis, Mac, Charlie and Frank, they've woken up in a very unfamiliar place to them but one that you should recognise quite quickly.


Shaken to the core by her latest night of debauchery, Dee duly rushes outside of the pub to reveal Dublin's famous Dame Street and all of the atmosphere that the thoroughfare can offer.

Cue pandemonium.

You can check out the trailer for the new episode – The Gang Goes to Ireland – below.

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